About Us

Modeltown started from a love of our own Garden Railway.  When we were building our first railway over 20 years ago there was very little in the way of affordable outdoor quality buildings, this resulted in Keith starting to make our own.  Eventually we started to cast our buildings in resin.  Lyn used to do all the painting and dressing of the buildings, it then became apparent that affordable realistic figures were hard to find so the only answer was to experiment with making our own.  Lyn now makes all the figures starting from clay, Keith then makes a mould and casts the figures.

As interest grew in the items we were making we started attending Garden Railway Shows in 2004.  Due to the success of the shows two years later, we launched our online shop.

In 2007, the business outgrew our home so we moved to the Pennines where we bought, renovated, and extended an old cottage with a separate cottage in the garden, which is now used, for our business.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, hope to see you at the shows!